About ProCore

We make tools, and one day games as well!

Like most many game-oriented developers these days, we are a small, independent team driven to leave a unique mark on the industry. The tools here are more than just an income, they are built to be used in our own projects, on a constant basis. Due to this, and our personal ethics, we never stop working to improve, enhance, and feature-add, through both community feedback and our own experiences.

We invite you to read through Testimonials, view the Showcase, and ask candid, honest questions of our Community. Even better, send us an email directly and we’ll be sure answer any questions you might have. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Feel free to contact us via:

Email: contact@procore3d.com

Facebook: facebook.com/probuilder3d

Twitter: @probuilder3d

Bug Reports & Troubleshooting
Please post to the official support forum:



Gabriel W- Art & Design

Since 2006, I have been experimenting with, learning from, and working in many major game engines, including the early versions of Unity. It has been great to see so many developers find and enjoy these tools.

Karl H- Code & Design

Karl is a software developer with a passion for tool development. He founded Parabox in 2011 with the intention to create simulation games and mobile apps, but has since evolved to nearly entirely focus on game development tools.

Tested and Proven

Over 1,200 (one-thousand-two-hundred) reviews and cumulative 5-star rating on the Unity Asset Store. Hundreds of awesome Testimonials from real developers of all types. An awesome, friendly community that is always growing.

ProCore is tested, proven, and ready to significantly improve your workflow.

Crucial Core

When we create a tool, it’s because we feel there is a serious gap in the Unity editor, or a major workflow obstruction. These are tools we feel are crucial to an efficient, agile workflow- core functionality every developer can benefit from.

Keeping it Simple

Simple. Intuitive. Obvious. We laser-focus on these traits, because ProCore exists to make development less complex, more streamlined, and never the reverse.

A good tool is useful, a great tool is usefuland enjoyable to use. As it happens, a huge number of our reviews mention exactly that- “X tool is FUN!” , and to us, that’s the highest possible praise.