ProCore Tools – Now Part of Unity!

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Build your geometry in Unity, then playtest and edit instantly.

ProBuilder is simple to learn, even for new modelers, while also including advanced modeling and UV tools.


Simple, functional grids and snapping for:

  • Aligning items and prefabs
  • Greyboxing in ProBuilder
  • Eliminating mesh gaps leaks
  • Modular level design

Polybrush (beta)

Similar to Terrain Tools, use Polybrush to sculpt, blend textures, and scatter detail geometry on your meshes.

Combine with ProBuilder for caves, spherical worlds, organic shapes, and more.

Open-Source Tools

GILES (beta)

Let your players create custom levels, mods, etc with our upcoming “Generic In-Game Level Editing System”.

Designed as a simple “plug-n-play” design to work with all games, and currently in open beta, available to all.

ProBuilder VR

PB-VR is an experimental add-on for Unity which lets you build and edit geometry from within your VR headset.

Is this the future of level design? Give it a try, tell us what you think!

We’re cleaning house! The tools listed below are now deprecated, but don’t worry: we’ll replace them with even better Unity-integrated functionality!


Nothing in real life stays clean or perfect- not for long, anyway! “Decals” are a great way to add visual detail, breakup tiling textures, and tell a story in your scene, with very little performance cost.


Edit nearly any mesh right within Unity! This can greatly improve your workflow by allowing instant fixes, testing, and changes to meshes. Best of all, QuickEdit supports full Instancing and Copy methods.


Organize objects in your scene into “selection sets”, without modifying the objects or hierarchy at all. Quickly show or hide, freeze or unfreeze, and select entire groups at once.


QuickBrush combines the speed and convenience of a photoshop-style brush tool with several useful fine-tuning, masking, grouping and randomization features to make decorating your levels a snap and save you lots of time.